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After a few years: thoughts about using Android again

One of the persistent thoughts boggling my mind lately is: what if I used a new Android phone for a while, but kept my Windows 10 Mobile phone in use at the same time ?

My Android journey started with a HTC Desire HD terminal. It was my first smartphone and it introduced me to the modern day microbe: being connected, synced, up to date. It took me to a crazy race every day: Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. It created my mobile device addiction 🙂

HTC Desire HD

Next came the ASUS Transformer, the first generation (TF 101) of the famous ASUS tablet series, a device which serves my mother-in-law quite well, even to this day. I was fascinated by the idea of a big tablet (I’ll admit it was a bit heavy) with a removable keyboard (which, by the way, hosted a secondary battery).
ASUS Transformer TF 101

My secret hope was to be able to install Windows RT on it later on, but it was not possible, as Microsoft decided to provide that OS only preinstalled on their Surface RT or via OEMs on other devices.

Ever since, I’ve lived the NOKIA dream, with Lumia 520, 925, 930, 640 and 950. I’ve seen Windows Phone rising some interest, but I’ve also seen Windows 10 Mobile losing some more interest.

To some extent, I grew tired of being a Windows Insider, both on phone and PC. I am not saying I gave up the process, because I didn’t. I still provide feedback every day, most of it from my PC’s but even from the phone every now and then. But at the same time I need better apps, more apps and solutions I can use while on the road, feeling I can strongly rely on my phone, a feeling that was missed for some time now.

It’s not that the Lumia 950 is not reliable. It is, but it felt strange to get a new phone and have microphone issues out-of-the-box. I sent it back for service and the first time they sent it back saying the phone speaker is working correctly, which was trully disappointing. It showed lack of professionalism, so to speak. I was totally dismayed by this reply and I sent it back again, specifying in writing for the stupid: when I call someone they can barely hear me because of the microphone, my call recipient cannot hear me properly, please fix the microphone.

This unhappy experience was aggravated by the fact that I had to leave for a business trip with my secondary phone, a Lumia 930, which helped me out for most of the time, but was not totally reliable and made me feel insecure at some point, where I needed to be sure I can use the phone but the battery went south in the middle of the day. And I left the hotel with the battery at 94% charge !

I am still using Android on an ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 but it’s not upgradable to the latest available operating system, Marshmallow.

ASUS Memo Pad HD 7

Because I am curious to experiment and use that OS is, I initially decided to jump the gun and get a OnePlus One, which, while already an old device, I was sure it would satisfy my needs.

I’ve been chatting these days with several friends about getting the OnePlus One and some of them suggested newer alternatives, including OnePlus 2. But, to be honest, I had s subjective desire to get the OnePlus One. I wanted to get that phone since its launch date, but I could not afford it at that particular time. I am not sure what caught my attention for that phone. Most likely it was a subjective matter, I liked the 3 GB of RAM amount, which should have been more than sufficient, the 64 GB of internal storage (I can manage fine even with 32 GB so 64 would be more than welcome) and the 5.5″ display.

Here’s  the thing: while writing this article I just discovered a phone that changed my mind about the OnePlus One: the UMI Super. The specs and the price are fantastic: 4GB of RAM, Marshmallow out of the box, 5.5″ display, PE+ fast charging, 4000 mAh battery, Dual SIM, Fingerprint unlock and many more. Add the fantastic look to the above (see the picture at the top and the other one below) and you are all set:



Any thoughts ?


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