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On the templates section of Microsoft’s website we can find various templates for Office products, but also for SharePoint.
The purpose of this article is to show how to install a SharePoint site template.

For this example I will use the Classroom and Study Group Templates

What is found in this template ?

  • Class Site;
  • Study Group.

What can we find in these templates ?

– Class Site

  • Assignments
  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Class Discussions
  • Course Materials
  • Links
  • Student Files

– Study Group

  • Calendar
  • Group Discussions
  • Links
  • Shared Documents
  • Tasks

How to install a template ?

  1. Download the solution from here: Classroom and Study Group Templates
  2. Go into SharePoint;
  3. Click on Site ActionsSite Settings;
  4. Click on the Solutions tab;
  5. Click on Upload and then browse for the solution.

After the solution is added, we can activate it so that it can be used.
To activate it, just click on the Activate command.

How to install a SharePoint Online 2010 site template ?

After the solution is activated, it will become available to be used as a site template.

How to install a SharePoint Online 2010 site template ?

Returning to the Team Site, we will create a new site.

  • click on Site Actions – More Options – Education section;
  • here we will choose the Class Site.

How to install a SharePoint Online 2010 site template ?

 After we add a name and a URL we will create the new site.

How to install a SharePoint Online 2010 site template ?

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