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In the new Office 365, the Sites section contains shortcuts (links) to the external website and to the internal SharePoint site.
Of course, a user can add other sites to this section.

How to access the sites?

  • from the Office 365 account click on the Sites menu;
  • from the Sites page click on the desired tile.

Internal_Public site

Cosmin Tătaru

Pasionat de blogging și tehnologie încă din 2009, Cosmin este aici să vă ajute să vă creșteți vânzările și productivitatea punând tehnologia la treabă pentru dumneavoastră.

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  1. Hi Alexandru
    It is good you point out that the „Sites” link takes you to your „My Site” links page. Most people would think that selecting the sites link would take you to your default „Team Site”. I think the new structure is aimed at guiding the individual to manage their own sites that they collaborate on, within their own site collections or SharePoint online tenant. Additionally, it would help the further use of the social and „follow” features of SharePoint 2013.
    It will be interesting to see how this new approach is received.

    1. Hi Darrell,
      Another great thing is that you can create more „shortcuts”. The new SharePoint is lighter and very easy to use.
      We just received a notification that our Office 365 subscription will be upgraded in a few weeks.
      Can wait to see how the final version of Office 365 will be. 🙂

      1. I’m envious of you my friend, in a good way. We have to wait months in New Zealand before our tenants will be upgraded. I’m hoping that new tenants based in the APAC data centre will receive the Wave 15 / 2013 services, so I can get our new clients immediately onto this great new version of SharePoint.
        I am also impressed by the changes made to the public website you can host with SharePoint.
        It’s more configurable, easier to change and customize your design and easier to add web parts and site templates such as blogs and document libraries.
        I hope to see more of your insights about the upgraded tenant written about here.

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