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ITCamp 2016 – some impressions from behind the scenes

For some years now, I’ve had the privilege to be invited to ITCamp as a conference staff member. If you didn’t know, volunteering is one of the most important cogs in the huge ITCamp event machine and our volunteers managed yet once more to make things go smoothly at the 6th edition.

This year, ITCamp, which is the largest tech community-driven event in Romania brought together over 600 participants, speakers and volunteers in a 2 day, five parallel session tracks live offline event.  That translates in approximately 44 hours of live presentations during the two days of our conference.

During all of this time, at least two volunteers were among the participants of each session, with some other volunteers coordinating the entire team and taking decisions in real time with the unique goal of making everything work out fine for everybody.

The logistics and the amount of work behind such an event are overwhelming and things are pretty hard to imagine without being involved at least once in the team behind it.

All of the 19 international and  23 local speakers, 600 attendees and any other participants were permanently the live focus of our conference staff, which did their best to provide a smooth registration process, answer any attendee questions, and give solutions to any last-minute, unexpected problems.

Volunteers also worked behind the scenes to record the sessions (which will be available online soon), to make sure sound and projectors work properly, to ensure the attendees can get quickly to the sessions they were interested in and that they have the best conditions all around the event venue.

As you might already imagine, the volunteer team is and should remain invisible for the most part of the live event. That means everything runs fine, and each volunteer’s job was well done and we honestly hope we reached that goal.

To me, being part of the team was – as always – one of my greatest community experiences ever. We’re a great team and we’re best friends. We tried to stay close and be useful & friendly to everyone. That is, the key elements of our “secret” recipe to make things work out just fine.


This way, the hard work behind the scenes becomes way easier and a lot of fun, as we know we can count on each other and other participants, such as speakers and attendees know and feel can fully rely on us at any time during the event.

You can rest assured next year’s experience will be even better, because we’re already working on improving our workflow and conference staff skills. See you there !

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  1. I subscribe your words Cosmin. The staff did a really great work.
    Thank you all very much for your great support.

    • Thank you for joining us again at the conference and we're looking forward to your next ITCamp presentation !

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