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Good news, all of SwiftKey themes are free for the holiday season

If you’ve used an iPhone or an Android phone for a while, you should already know about SwiftKey, one of the best and most popular custom mobile OS keyboard.

The good news is SwiftKey is now offering all available themes for free, as announced on Twitter:

In an email addressed to SwiftKey customers, the SwiftKey team says they “wanted to spread a little SwiftKey cheer.” In addition to making its themes free, the company has also created an exclusive theme for all SwiftKey customers that purchased a premium theme in the past.

Here’s the full e-mail message:

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to spread a little SwiftKey cheer of our own – which is why we’re excited to tell you that all themes on SwiftKey are now completely free!

Simply head to the SwiftKey Store on Android and find over 100 themes to customize your SwiftKey Keyboard’s color and design. There, you’ll also find the new ‘Vivid’ themes that have been added to the SwiftKey Store (which are, of course, also free).

We’re also offering you an exclusive theme only available to people who have purchased a theme in the past – and you’re one of them! Tap here on your mobile device to get the sleek, one-of-a-kind theme.

Be sure to share screenshots of all the new designs you’ve snapped up on Twitter!

Thanks for your support,

The SwiftKey Team


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